The Rose Valley Cup was established in 1929. This is awarded to the male and female swimmers with the greatest number of points scored for their age group. Currently, these swimmers’ names are engraved on a plaque which remains in our trophy case for most of the summer.

The Elenore Abbot award (also known as the Heatherwold Cup) was established in 1948. This award has a long history and represents recognition of swimmers who have maintained a long personal investment with our team.  Ms. Abbot was a Rose Valley resident and early supporter of the club who permitted access to the pool via her driveway.

The Grier Prezio award is presented to the most improved swimmer(s). This is named in memory of a woman whose children swam on the team who contributed a lot to the team over several years. This is awarded to the swimmer(s) the coaches believe had the most improvement over the season.

The Sawyer Weir award was established in 2012. It is awarded to the swimmer who displays the most team spirit during the season. This is named in memory of a long time swimming team member, who was not the fastest in his age group, but who always had the most fun.  Sawyer’s mother, Cheryl, was a long time coach of the Rose Valley Swim Team.  The award embodies a love of sport and team participation.

The Ryan Smith award was established in 2009. It is awarded to the most improved diver(s). It is named in memory of a long time member of both our diving & swimming teams, who was later the captain of our diving team. Our diving team was founded and coached by his father, Mike Smith. The coaching baton was subsequently passed to Ryan, then to his sister, Emily, and finally his brother Colin.